VM-70 Autonomous Handling Suction Cup up to 70 kg

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jeudi 3 septembre 2020Description
Discover a simple and efficient solution to make loads handling easier. VM-70 handling suction cups can grip and lift non porous loads such as glass panels, plastic, taped surfaces, metal sheets...) It can handle loads horizontally up to 140 kg and vertically up to 70 kg. Fixed to a hoist or a lifting trolley, it provides autonomy to operators who must deal with difficult handlings. Vacuum is created in the suction cup thanks to an electrical vacuum pump electrically supplied by a 12V swappable battery. Product benefits - Easy gripping of the load with the "Grip" button - Multiple handling operations : Horizontal / Vertical / 90° tilting - Security LEDs and sound alarms - Highly resistant carter - Transportation box Fully autonomous battery supplied with 2 swappable batteries and their charger

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